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Intel 8085AH-2 PDIP
Manufacturer Intel
Model 8085
Architecture pre-x86
Core frequency 5 MHz
Package PDIP-40
Physical informations
Package Size 5,20x1,52 cm Manufacturing process ???
Die size ??? Transistor count ???
Electrical informations
Bus frequency 5 MHz Width 8 bits
Core/Bus ratio 1.0x L1 cache -
Voltage 5V TDP 0.89 W
Other informations
Release date March 1st 1976
Functions/Features None
Part Number P8085AH-2 (OEM), P8085AH2 (OEM), QP8085AH-2 (OEM)
Collectable Variants - Normal (QP8085AH-2)
- Extended temperature range (QP8085AH-2)
In collection ? yes, in 10 Collections : Chook, Leevmeister, Neon-WA, Smithy, Xhoba, Kpt-future, Mutex, Molka, Lebaron, Electronlibre.

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